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Outdoor Ideas

Williamson County is a beautiful place to call home and yet many of us spend hours planning how best to entertain – usually on the inside. With the weather (and our moods) improving, we can focus more on outdoor environments for relaxing with friends and family – and what sounds better than that!

As a regional leader in creating beautiful spaces – both indoor and outdoor – we want to share some innovative outdoor living design ideas, as they are one of the more popular requests at Stonebridge Custom Homes.

  • Pools, spas and pool houses continue to be one of the top choices for creating attractive outdoor living environments. We have many examples in our portfolio section.

  • Fire pit/outdoor fireplaces are a wonderful and popular idea that allow year-round outdoor entertaining, typically not found in this colder region. A pleaser for the whole family.

  • Gardens are one of our favorite ways to incorporate creative and colorful landscapes that compliment your home. There are endless ideas that can bring to life the garden of your dreams.

  • Terraces are one of the best ways to incorporate outdoor living environments and create a practical and easy way to entertain or simply relax outdoors, just outside of your home.

  • An open-air exercise space is one of the newer requests and trends we are seeing from our clients who wish to keep healthy and also enjoy the outdoors.

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